Best Arcade Fighting Games of All Time

In the distant past, fighting games have always been the rage of many avid gamers. However, before they came to PCs and consoles, games such as those featured on were first introduced in arcades. Arcade machines may have been on the mainstream of the market in the past but, they are no longer the same as before when it comes to popularity. Still, they remain to be places where trifles can happen anytime as the inherent capability of fighting games to draw out the competitive nature of individuals reek in this kind of place. Arcade has been synonymous to Arcade machines in the past but as time progressed, it has become an even more extensive word that became part of the diverse gaming genres. If you are a fan of the best arcade fighting games, you'll surely want to figure out what impressive titles you could play and fortunately, that's what you'll get in this page.

With the abundant amount of fighting games, anyone would surely be hard-pressed to choose only a handful of the best arcade fighting games of all time. If you spend considerable amount of time searching and looking for awesome fighting games such as Ragna the Blood Edge, you'll still sooner or later find yourself with some topnotch options that you'll love to play time and time again. However, if you're pressed on time or if you simply want to jump into action right away, you could just refer to some of the games below which can all easily be considered the best fighting games ever.


Whether it be on the actual arcade machines, PC or even the diverse gaming consoles today, Tekken can easily rank as one of the best fighting games ever. It certainly isn't something that can be attributed to luck as its standing and reputation in the industry was completely earned by it throughout the years. The solid moves, completely intense action and gameplay of Tekken has simply captivated many fans of fighting games who are always on the lookout for fighting games that would make their blood boil in excitement time and time again.

This game comes with a superb list of characters from Heihachi, Paul, Jin, Hwoarang and many more. This franchise has experienced numerous spinoffs and even sequels, and more and more characters have been added to its exquisite list of characters for you to pick from. Currently, the Tekken 7 is still available on diverse consoles today and in fact, you could still play it the classic way - through arcade machines.

Street Fighter

If there's any franchise that could literally stand on par with the Tekken Franchise, Street Fighter would surely be the contender anyone will have on their minds. In fact, there have always been massive debates as to what between them can be considered the best fighting game ever. Both are awesome fighting games with diversities when it comes to its character and its nature. One extremely obvious similarity that they have though, is the fact that they are both massively entertaining and exciting.

Street Fighter, like Tekken, also has a long list of sequels and other titles that you could try. The graphics of the game stuck with it's a bit cartoon-like approach but this is exactly what makes the game even more classic-looking than other games out there which strives for a more realistic appeal. You'll surely enjoy the dynamic Street Fighter games as they are packed today with more features, characters, move sets and beyond, which will not fail to impress and keep you on the edge of your seat all throughout your experience.

Double Dragon

If you have been a fan of the arcade scene longer than your peers, then you may have heard of the Double Dragon already. Its fierce name has resounded across the gaming industry for decades already, with an impressive Beat'Em Up gameplay that's quite engaging and thrilling. Not to mention, it works within the premises of the Martial arts category, making it all the more interesting for those who are quite inclined to fighting games like this.

As the name of the game suggests, Double Dragon pertains to two martial artists which are the protagonists of the story. They are twins and the game revolves around their goal of battling and beating up their vicious adversaries throughout the game.


If you'll really search the internet arduously, you could probably name an endless list of fighting games that are worth playing. The games in this page can be considered some of the best fighting games ever that you certainly should try but of course, there could be other titles out there that could match up to these games which are just waiting for you at online gaming sites.