Best eSports Betting Sites to bet on Fighting Games

Blaz Blue Game

The least bit of bouts on who will win specific games would already encourage people to bet against each other on who's right and who's wrong. This alone makes it easy to see that the video game industry has long possessed qualities that make it the perfect platform for competition and even waging. As the eSports segment of the gaming industry exploded in terms of popularity during the recent years, the popularity of waging or placing a bet on eSports have also become incredibly on demand.

To bet on Electronic Sports or eSports is a growing trend witnessed by and it is certainly something that more and more people are turning their attention to, especially punters. There's more diversity involved in this category and the fact that they are video games, make them more available as well. Some may feel as though some eSports games could get rigged up if betting is involved but, rest assured because as even top companies are starting to host their own eSports betting section, your safety and security is as good as guaranteed already. Here are some of the best eSports betting sites you could look into.


It really isn't surprising if you are already aware of the Betway brand since it can also be considered one of the giants in the overall gambling platform. The good news is that even this ginormous brand has already decided to join the eSports scene as it provides a vast platform for players to place a bet on Electronic Sports games. It is a critically acclaimed eSports betting site today with topnotch and numerous odds for you to take advantage of, unique betting options and even exemplary promotions to boot. In fact, they'll even welcome you with highly generous bonuses in the form of $30 free bet.

Spin Palace ESports

If you're a slot lover, then you have definitely played on the Casino of Spin Palace before. Little would you have known that this online casino not only comes with a generous list of casinos for players - they also have a rich selection of compelling options for you to bet on Electronic Sports games? From Overwatch, CS: GO, Dota 2 and beyond - you'll surely have diverse games that you could enjoy watching and choosing bet odds at the same time. If you want to join their outstanding site, you can set off with a grand start as they offer new players a welcoming bonus that could leave you with a staggering $200 Free bet for you to try out what they can offer you with.


Offering a whopping 100% match-up deposit promotion to start off your experience with their offers, any avid gamers looking for a place to bet on Electronic sports would surely have their hearts taken away instantly by BetSpawn. Of course, despite the fact that it comes with this kind of gracious bonus for you to take advantage of, it's far from being the only thing good about it. In fact, this site also boasts one of the most diverse and encompassing list of eSports games in its library, with towering options of odds in the market that you could choose from. They also have options for odds that you could bet on before the game starts or those that occur live as well.

GG Bet

From slots to sports and eSports, GG Bet has everything you need all under one roof. Although it may not have the offers of a full-blown casino, the fact that it comes with a compelling list of video game competitions you could watch live and bet on through different ways is already enough to help reel you into their platform. Not to mention, their platform is incredibly intuitive, making it an eSports betting site that's highly worthy of commendation. Not to mention, players will have the liberty to play using real-time money but if you prefer it, you could even transact with the site using Bitcoins, which is a huge convenience for those who use this kind of digital currency.

Other Video Games You Can Bet On

To bet on the best fighting games or electronic sports is obviously a trend that would not stop rising in terms of popularity and reputation with its current trajectory. If you wish to indulge on this activity, now is the right time. If you like, you can also search for other top sites out there and start by looking for fighting games you wish to place your bets on. There are sites where you could bet on Quake, Killer Instinct, Tekken, Streetfighter and even MMA and UFC Sports and Video game options. Without a doubt, this kind of sites could offer you a mesmerizing experience - one that you certainly would not regret.